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Thursday, March 23, 2006, 6:53:12 PM

Who are the Fit for Learning Champions?
School Champions are the key to the success of Fit for Learning. Each participating school will select two Champions – one staff member and one parent. These individuals will then be trained and provided with all the tools they need to successfully develop a school culture that promotes healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Why do we have school Champions as part of Fit for Learning?
School Champions will be the leaders implementing the Fit for Learning initiative at each participating school. School Champions will recruit key staff to participate in an environmental survey that will examine the food service program, physical education, and policies and practices surrounding healthful living at the campus.

What is the role of the school Champions?

School Champions will:
  • Provide leadership to the site as regards Fit for Learning efforts;
  • Provide technical assistance to support improved nutrition and physical activity;
  • Become familiar with activities that effectively improve nutrition and physical activity;
  • Support the periodic evaluation and assessment of programs;
  • Work closely with the Santa Clara County Office of Education to assure the highest quality of program implementation and success.